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26 March 2019
When I lend my car to a third party, should I inform the presence of XeeConnect?
26 March 2019
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Can I deactivate my XeeCONNECT’s GPS ?

XeeCONNECT is equipped with a GPS chip in order to indicate a vehicle’s location.

In accordance with the regulations, it is your responsibility to materialize your consent to activate the GPS position of your vehicle. In this way, you can set the Xee application to enable or disable this feature at any time, and decide whether to raise the GPS position for the desired rip and deactivate it at any time.

In this case, the GPS position of your vehicle is not preserved in your applications. Note that in case of deactivation of your GPS position, several Xee functionalities can not be operational.

You can de/activate the “Privacy” from the settings of the Xee application.