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The compatibility of my vehicle

XeeCONNECT is a multi-brand solution.

The majority of vehicles are compatible with XeeCONNECT.

About 80% of the fleet has been studied and tested to be compatible with the XeeCONNECT.

We hope to improve even further, to satisfy even more drivers.

You can check the features available on your vehicle by making a compatibility test, here is the address .

You will be able to search through your registration and / or the make / model of your vehicle.

You can change the language at the top of the page.

Yes, XeeCONNECT is compatible with all vehicles (brand new and old vehicles).

Feel free to contact our customer service if your vehicle is not in the list, here is our address:



How the XeeCONNECT works

XeeCONNECT proceeds to the information reading available on the CAN bus of your vehicle and sends it to our servers via the telephone network using the SIM card installed in the device.


XeeCONNECT can be used in the following European countries:

In France and the French overseas departments (Guadeloupe, French Guyana, Martinique, Reunion, Mayotte), as well as in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

When the vehicle is off, XeeCONNECT goes into “sleep mode”, so it consumes less than 1mA, and 40mA when the vehicle is turned on.

When the vehicle is off , Xee consumes less than 1mA, the equivalent of a led indicator usually displayed on a dashboard to materialize the presence of an alarm or an immobilizer.

So Xee can not be the cause, alone, of premature wear of the battery of your vehicle

XeeCONNECT first generation was equipped with a Bluetooth chip in order to register hte device to a user’s account. This version is no longer on the market.

XeeCONNECT second generation, available on the market, is equipped with Bluetooth but is disabled by default.

The bluetooth will be remotely activated if an application requires its use.

XeeCONNECT just proceeds to the reading of information available on the CAN bus of a vehicle.

The counterpart is that in read-only mode, XeeCONNECT will not be able to remotely control a vehicle and interact with it. (start, lock …).

Yes it is, we invite you to plug the XeeCONNECT to the new vehicle while the engine is running.

Then start the Xee application and rename the old vehicle registered from the application settings.

The new vehicle information will be updated on the next trip.

If you notice incorrect information such as mileage, we invite you to contact us at

XeeCONNECT should never be unplugged, unless you want it to be of course.

If XeeCONNECT is disconnected, the connection is no longer assured and you will no longer be able to enjoy your XeeCONNECT’s features.

XeeCONNECT has a non-intrusive system and therefore safe for your vehicle.

The method consists in the data reading available on your vehicle’s network.

XeeCONNECT has been approved by UTAC for its electromagnetic compatibility with a vehicle.

XeeCONNECT is equipped with a GPS chip in order to indicate a vehicle’s location.

In accordance with the regulations, it is your responsibility to materialize your consent to activate the GPS position of your vehicle. In this way, you can set the Xee application to enable or disable this feature at any time, and decide whether to raise the GPS position for the desired rip and deactivate it at any time.

In this case, the GPS position of your vehicle is not preserved in your applications. Note that in case of deactivation of your GPS position, several Xee functionalities can not be operational.

You can de/activate the “Privacy” from the settings of the Xee application.

By using XeeCONNECT, you agree to inform anyone to whom you lend your vehicle, that it is equipped with XeeCONNECT allowing the geolocation of the vehicle.

If this third party refuses to authorize the sharing of its GPS position, it is your responsibility to disable geolocation in the application settings.

XeeCONNECT is only available for purchase through our installating partner Midas in France and Belgium

XeeCONNECT can also be purchased from Midas in Spain and Italy.



Installing the XeeCONNECT

There are 2 ways to connect XeeCONNECT to your vehicle.

The first one requires a “Plug & Go” cable (called blue cable), which allows to connect the device directly to your diagnostic socket.

The second one requires the use of a cable “wire-to-wire”(called purple cable). As the name suggests, it connects directly to the vehicle’s cables, allowing a perfectly integrated mounting in the compartment of your vehicle.

The “wire-to-wire” cable is directly supplied by our mounting partners during installation, it can not be sold separately.

For technical reasons, some vehicles do not allow to retrieve the electronic information directly via a Plug & Go connection on diagnostic socket.

This is particularly the case of German brand vehicles, so it is recommended to entrust this service to one of our partners.

Only our partner centers are authorized to carry out the wire-to-wire installation of XeeCONNECT.

The cable and the instructions for that kind of installation are reserved to our installation partners.

We are partners with Midas centers in France and in Belgium for the installation of our XeeCONNECT.

XeeCONNECT can also be installed by Midas in Spain and in Italy.

Feel free to contact a center near your location in order to ge more informaion regarding the installation.

If your vehicle allows it, we recommand to position XeeCONNECT flat, green LED up (facing the sky).

We recommand this position in order to avoid any loss of network or GPS connection.



Using the Xee Application

When you purchase your XeeCONNECT, you have no subscription to subscribe (and therefore pay) to receive the services of the Xee application.

If you have equipped your vehicle with XeeCONNECT as part of the offer of one of our partners (MidasCONNECT, Alerto ….), we invite you to contact them directly.

It is possible to register 3 vehicles per account if you use the Xee Application.

If you have a fleet of vehicles, we invite you to consult the web page dedicated to our fleet management tool available at

Once your XeeCONNECT is plugged to your vehicle and your Xee account created, you can register your XeeCONNECT using the serial number and PIN.

You will find these information on the back of the XeeCONNECT or in the user guide.

Painring XeeCONNECT should be performed only once, even if you change your vehicle or your smartphone.

You can reset your password from the link “Forgot your password?” available on the XEE application’s login page.

To add a vehicle, sign in to your Xee account (iOS or Android), and launch the drop-down menu (left).

Then, you will be able to add your second XeeCONNECT via the icon represented by a “+”, once selected, you will be able to enter the XeeCONNECT ‘s ID number and the pin code.

Once it’s done, create your vehicle and make a trip.

To date, it is not possible to delete XeeConnect’s trips via the XEE application.

However, you can disable geolocation at the beginning of a trip so that it is not saved. This option is accessible by selecting “Privacy” in the settings of our application.

Once the trip is done, you can deactivate the privacy mode in order to locate your vehicle.

It is not possible to delete a vehicle from the XEE application.

We invite you to send your request to the following address specifying whether you want to delete the vehicle or the XeeCONNECT.

You just need to you to change the information of your vehicle from the parameters of the application (name, license plate, …).

Once it has been modified, make a trip, the data of your new vehicle should erase those of the previous one.

Feel free to contact us at if you note a wrong signal.

Yes, you can connect to the Xee application with your usual credentials from multiple smartphones.

Only smartphones that support iOS (iOS 8 and higher) and Android (as of 4.0.3) operating systems are compatible with XeeCONNECT.

Windows Phone are not compatible to use Xee application.

XeeCONNECT enters into sleep mode when the vehicle is not in use but it keep on checking some signals.

The time displayed in the app corresponds to the vehicle’s signal check time, it is not the actual time.



The sale of my vehicle

As part of a vehicle sale, it is necessary to reset your XeeCONNECT, this will erase your data and will also allow the next owner to register the XeeCONNECT on his own account using the ID number and pin code .

We invite you to send a reset request to this address:




I have a problem concerning :

Login to my account

Firstly, we invite you to change your password via the link “Forgotten password?” available on the login screen of the XEE application.

If you do not receive the email, even in your SPAM, it is possible that the email address entered during the creation of your account is incorrect.

In this case, we invite you to contact us at with the ID number of your XeeCONNECT.

Once your XeeCONNECT is registered, it is linked to your Xee account and not to your smartphone, so it is not necessary to perform the registration process a second time.

We invite you to login directly to your account using your email address and password.

If you see this message, it is possible that:

– Your XeeCONNECT is already registred to your account. In this case, all you need to do is launch the application, click on “Connect” and use your email address and password.

– This XeeCONNECT is already associated to an unknown email address, we invite you to send us the serial number of your XeeCONNECT at this address

For security reasons, the PIN code of a XeeCONNECT automatically locks due to 3 incorrect connection attempts.

We invite you to contact our support in order to unlock the pin code, which will allow you to register your XeeCONNECT.

The ID number and the PIN code are written on the back of the XeeCONNECT and in the user guide.

The SN number number is not the PIN code.



How my XeeCONNECT works

Since the creation of your vehicle in the application, did you make a trip ?

We recommend to make a trip of at least 10 minutes following the connection of the XeeCONNECT, this allows the XeeCONNECT to update its firmware  but also to recover signals from your vehicle.

If after using your vehicle, the information is not displayed, we invite you to send an email to

If you notice an incoherent information such as mileage or fuel level, which still matches to your previous vehicle, please contact us at

Upon receipt, we will reset the wrong signal.

To date, it is not possible to reset a XeeCONNECT from the Xee application.

We invite you to contact us at from the email address used when registering your Xee account.

Upon receipt, we will reset your XeeCONNECT promptly.

If the position of your vehicle has not been updated while the vehicle has been used and you know the location of the XeeCONNECT, we invite you to unplug and reconnect the device at the beginning of a trip.

If the installation was carried out by one of our installation partners, we invite you to contact him so that he can help you to carry out this manipulation.

It will reboot your XeeCONNECT and should refresh the data on the next trip.

Firstly, XeeCONNECT must download and install the update of its internal software.

We recommend connecting XeeCONNECT while the engine running, we recommend that you make the connection before initiating a trip, so XeeCONNECT will be operational at the end of it.

This step takes about 10 minutes (with proper network coverage).


In order to avoid redundancy during the same trip or several small trips, XeeCONNECT respects a time delay rule of one hour between two “Vehicle Moving” alerts.

So if you make several trips over an hour of time, you will receive an alert for the first trip only.

Once the time delay exceeded, the next trip will trigger a new notification.

If they are authorized and displayed in the application’s notification history, please contact us at

This situation is not abnormal if you have made several trips with fairly short stops.

Trimming trips requires a XeeCONNECT standby period of more than 10 minutes, which means at least a 10 minutes stop between trips.

XeeCONNECT uses the 2G phone network to transmit your vehicle’s information.

This type of situation may be due to a weak network available at the end of the trip, which prevents the XeeCONNECT from updating the exact position.

The GPS inaccuracy may be due to a more or less precise triangularization of the position according to the number of satellites acquired by the GPS chip.

In order to guarantee the best possible connection, XeeCONNECT must be positioned horizontally, with the green LED pointing upwards (facing the sky).

For security reasons, and as indicated in our general conditions, it is necessary that the former owner sends us an email from his email address (used when creating his account) authorizing us to delete all his data and to disassociate the XeeCONNECT from his account.

Upon receipt of this email to, we will reset the device.

Once this done, you will be able to register it to your account using the serial number and PINcode, as if you had just bought the case in store.








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We are available from Monday to Friday from 9h to 12h and from 14h to 18h (except holidays).