2 January 2020

XEE calendar 2020

Presentation of Xee's 2020 calendar
1 July 2019

XEE at Journées Agir 2019 in Poitiers (France), public transport shows

As part of development in the public transport market, Xee participated to Journées Agir 2019 in Poitiers (France). Pierre and Alexandre present Xee for the sector […]
11 June 2019

XEE at Movin’on 2019, world summit for sustainable mobility

A first feedback from Movin’on 2019 with Laurent and Romain our Co CEOs. More than ever, big data from mobility is in the moddle of the […]
2 January 2019

XEE calendar 2019

For this year 2019, XEE introduces you its calendar of participation on different summit through France, Europe and the world. ♠ Visitor         […]